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    We make eating peas easy with The Amazing Mr. Pea Sheller.  

    Pea shelling tip:

    Beans and peas that just will not shell without mashing probably have either very tough pods due to growing conditions, or may be too green or too dry. These may be shelled very easily by using the following method:

    • The peas or beans in the pod (hull) are blanched in boiling water from one to four minutes. Cool quickly in cold water. Now feed them through MR. PEA SHELLER'S special rollers. The results will please you.
    • This process makes the pods or hulls tender enough that even the thin skin around the peas or beans is not damaged, and you can shell them very quickly.
    • One minute blanching will usually soften the toughest of pods so that shelling is now easy. If you are preparing the produce for your freezer, then blanch the peas or beans four minutes and freeze after shelling.